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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Done Right

Your solar panels are an investment.  To keep your panels operating at optimum efficiency, they need to be cleaned regularly.  Solar panel cleaning can be a chore.  It requires ladders and access to your roof, and without the proper equipment, getting your panels clean can be challenging enough to generate the maximum return on your investment.  With our Solar Panel Cleaning service in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County, you can rest easy knowing that your panels will perform their best.

Benefits Of Our El Cajon Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Dust, pollen, and debris accumulate on your solar panels over time, causing them to produce less electricity.  Regularly cleaning your panels will increase their production by as much as 30%.  Want to maximize the return you get on your solar panels?  With our Solar Panel Cleaning service in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County, your panels will be free of dust and debris and will operate to their full potential.

Cleaning your solar panels can be a difficult job without professional equipment.  With our Solar Panel Cleaning service in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County, you can relax while we make your panels shine and perform to their full potential.  Want to save money?  Discounts are available when you schedule your solar panel cleaning on a regular basis. 

Cleaning solar panels can be a dangerous job. There are ladders to climb, roofs to walk on, and the work is performed near electricity. Our trained technicians have the tools and experience needed to access and clean your solar panels with as little risk as possible. Why put your life and health at risk when you can sit back, relax, and let us ensure that your panels are operating at their full potential.

Get the Best Solar Panel Cleaning in San Diego County

Dirty solar panels produce less electricity.  That’s why it’s essential to clean them regularly.  With our Solar Panel Cleaning service in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County, we guarantee that your panels will be thoroughly cleaned so that they can produce the maximum amount of electricity.  We will arrive on time, work safely, and have all of the tools and equipment required to access and clean your panels.  Give us an opportunity to work for you and see the difference.

Solar Panel Cleaning

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Sharon Rydalch

Solar Panel Cleaning In El Cajon

We have used McCormik’s service for several years now. They are awesome. They clean our solar panels, and wash inside and outside windows. They are prompt, always go above and beyond, and always do excellent solar panel cleaning work. I highly recommend them! They are the best!!

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Ronél Skoda

Solar Panel Cleaning El Cajon

I have 50 plus windows and skylights, it’s a big job. They did a great job. I will be using them from now on. They also clean our 34 solar panels. Staff are super friendly. Amazing solar panel cleaning service. My 9 year old was sad when they left.

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Rebekah Sabatini

Solar Panel Cleaning El Cajon CA

Window cleaning and solar panel cleaning: Definitely would recommend! I knew my windows were dirty but it really made such a difference! Great job!

Frequently Asked
Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

Over time, dirt, pollen, bird droppings and debris collect on the surface of your panels.  Dirty solar panels produce less electricity.  Your solar panels need to be cleaned and maintained to perform to their potential and provide you with the maximum return on your investment.  

Your solar panels should typically be cleaned every 6-12 months.  However, if you live in an area with a lot of dust, they may need to be cleaned more frequently to keep them producing to their full potential. 

We use a 3 stage water purification system and a water fed pole to clean your solar panels with pure water.  We scrub them with a brush specifically designed for solar panels.  We safely and efficiently remove dirt, bug marks, pollen, and bird droppings from your panels while never scratching or damaging the surface.  We then rinse them with pure water and they dry spot free, ready to produce the maximum amount of electricity.

No. Before we begin cleaning your panels we will visually inspect them to look for any loose wires, cracked panels, or any other signs of damage. If we notice anything of concern we will report it to you. If everything is well connected and not damaged, we can safely clean your panels with no need to turn them off.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

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