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Cleaning windows can be overwhelming.  Why spend your whole weekend cleaning windows when you can schedule cleaning in just a few minutes?  That way, you have more time to do the things you enjoy with those you love.  We have been making our customers’ lives easier since 2008.  We have the experience, training, and tools to make your windows shine!  We are proud of each of our team members.  Everyone you meet at McCormick’s Window Cleaning is friendly, honest, and committed to giving you the best experience possible.  We appreciate our customers’ trust in allowing us into their homes and businesses.  We never take that for granted.  

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Window Cleaning

We have specialized in residential window cleaning in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County since we started in 2008.  We care for your home as if it were our own.  Relax knowing that we will always arrive on time, wear clean shoe covers and gloves inside your home, and work in a clean, neat, and efficient manner.  Rest easy knowing that you have the best window cleaning company in San Diego caring for your home.

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Window Cleaning

McCormick’s Window Cleaning is the leading commercial window cleaning company in El Cajon and throughout San Diego county.  Do you have a business in San Diego?  We can keep your business sparkling with clean windows year-round.  Have a large office or industrial building with dirty windows?  We can help!  We can handle any project up to 3 stories high.  You can count on us to arrive on time and do a great job every time.

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Window Cleaning
Maintenance Plans

McCormick’s Window Cleaning is the best choice for Window Cleaning Maintenance Plans in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County.  Do you love clean windows and saving money?  Then our Maintenance Plans are for you. You can enjoy the best window cleaning service in San Diego and save up to 25% when you schedule regular cleanings. Give us a call for details.

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Window Screen

Over time, screens will break down and be damaged by the sun.  At McCormick’s Window Cleaning, we are experts at repairing screens and, if necessary, replacing old or missing screens.  If your screen mesh is worn out or ripped, we can save you money by rescreening your existing frame.  We can build brand-new screens for you if your screen frames are broken or bent.  You can always count on your screen repairs being done right. 

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Review 7

Dawn Gammo

Window Cleaning El Cajon

This was our third time using McCormick’s Window Cleaning service and we are just as pleased with the job that they did as we were the first time! Windows and screens look amazing inside and out! They are very professional, friendly and very considerate of your home (they wear shoe covers while working inside!). I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great job done at a great price!!

Review 3

Gale Block

Window Cleaning El Cajon CA

I have been an extremely pleased customer of McCormick’s window Cleaning for over 14 years. And have highly recommended this company to friends and family. They are timely, courteous, friendly, efficient ,helpful and affordable. Window’s spotless, and the screens’s almost invisible after cleaning. Gale Block

Review 6

Martha Spinler

Window Cleaning In El Cajon

All the people involved in the work at my place were very easy to work with and the work was done very quickly. The results were the best I have ever had from a window cleaning service! I like that they guarantee their work and would have come back if I had found something I didn’t like. The gutter guy was very thoughtful and moved his ladder when I had to exit the garage in my car. I will use McCormick’s Window Cleaning from now on. I have been looking for this quality of service for a long time!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we started our business in 2008, we have made it our goal to always put people first.  We believe that success comes from treating every person with kindness and respect, striving to exceed expectations for every customer, and always living up to our word.  Every person you interact with at McCormick’s Window Cleaning will be friendly, honest, and hard working. 

Yes.  We have built our business by building strong, lasting relationships with our customers.  We do everything in our power to take care of our long term customers, including offering discounts for recurring services.  For details, please see our Maintenance Plans page.

Yes.  We offer discounts whenever any of our main services are completed on the same day.  Combine 2 services and save $50.  Combine 3 services and save $100.

Absolutely.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get an estimate and schedule an appointment.  That is why we make it easy to get a fast estimate online or over the phone.  However, we are always happy to provide a free in person estimate.  We can usually schedule the estimate within 1-3 business days.

Finding the best window cleaners near me is a process that requires careful consideration and research. You want to make sure that you hire someone who is experienced and reliable, so it pays off to take your time in selecting the right person.

When evaluating potential window cleaners, here are five key things to consider:

1) Professionalism: Make sure the cleaner you are considering has a professional attitude and always shows up on time. Ask them beforehand what equipment they use and how long they have been in business—this can give you an indication of their experience level.

2) Quality Equipment: Look up reviews of professional window cleaning products online so you can be sure that your provider uses quality tools for their job. Good ladder systems, squeegees, scrapers, towels, ladders, or other extension poles should all be included in their arsenal of products.

3) Reviews: Check out any customer reviews for the cleaner’s services on respected websites like Yelp or Google Business listings before making your decision—this will give you an accurate read on their performance based on the experiences of past consumers who have hired them before.

4) Price Options: Determine if there are any special packages with discounts offered by the company when hiring them for multiple visits throughout the year instead of opting for individual service calls every now and then.

5) Guarantees: Lastly inquire if they provide any type of guarantee along with their services whether it’s free re-cleanings within certain timeline frames if something goes wrong after an initial visit or even refunds/money-back guarantees if not satisfied with results at all — this could help protect against feeling unhappy afterward no matter how skilled/experienced/ready-to-go this contractor may appear at first glance!

Most professional window cleaning companies recommend that you get your windows professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months. If you live in a high-traffic area with a lot of dust, dirt, and grime, then it may be necessary to have them cleaned more frequently – perhaps every 6 months. Professional window cleaners use specialized solutions and equipment to clean the glass thoroughly without damaging the windows. This removes any stuck-on debris or streaks that can accumulate over time, restoring optimal clarity for beautiful views and plenty of natural light indoors.

If your solar panel system isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, you may see decreased efficiency over time. This decrease in efficiency is caused by a variety of different factors: dust, dirt, pollen, and leaves can all accumulate on the surface of the panels and block sunlight from reaching them. Additionally, if there’s any moisture present due to rain or snowfall, it can form droplets that also impede normal light absorption.

In addition to reduced energy production from not cleaning your panels regularly, other potential issues arise as well. For example, birds could mistake your panels for nesting material or try to roost on them – resulting in costly repairs or damage to the system. Furthermore, if moisture finds its way under the panels it might cause corrosion or even mold growth which would require additional maintenance costs in order to repair/replace affected parts.

Ultimately solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal performance levels as well as protecting against preventable damage caused by environmental factors like dirt buildup and rainwater penetration – so make sure to keep up with regular cleaning tasks!

Special thanks to Fox Valley Solar for sharing this information on solar panel cleaning with us!

Getting your gutters cleaned by professionals is a great way to protect your home from potential water damage. Professional gutter cleaners can provide a thorough, reliable, and safe method for cleaning out debris without any of the risks a homeowner may face when attempting their own maintenance.

The benefits of professional gutter cleaning are numerous – here are just a few:

1. Prevention of Damage – Gutters that aren’t regularly maintained can collect debris, leaves, and other materials which will cause blockages over time. This prevents rainwater from flowing properly away from the house, leading to water-related issues such as basement flooding, foundation erosion, and roof deterioration. Professional gutter cleaners remove all debris leaving you with clean gutters that won’t cause these kinds of problems in the future!

2. Preventive Maintenance – Regularly scheduled professional gutter cleans can save you money in the long run. Especially if they include an evaluation of how old/worn out your existing gutters are as well as pointing out any additional repairs or precautions needed for maximum protection against future household disasters caused by water-related issues!

3. Safety First – Cleaning high-reaching eaves and drains can be dangerous when done yourself due to ladders or scaffolding requirements. So hiring experts who have experience in working at height safely is important for not only preventing accidental slips/falls but also ensuring proper protection against liability claims should an injury occur onsite during cleanings!

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