What Does Professional Window Cleaning Include?

Professional window cleaners bring their own specialized cleaning solutions and tools to each job. They have ladders and water-fed pole systems for windows that are too high to reach and they have scrapers on hand for paint and stain removal.

They also use field service management software to keep track of scheduling, client information, bids, and invoices. Read on to learn more.

Window Washing

Professional window cleaners use a variety of tools to get the job done. They may use a sponge mop or a T-bar wand to spray a vinegar and water solution or a commercial cleaning product onto the windows. They might also have a glass scraper and towels to remove caked-on dirt or debris.

Then they use a squeegee to wipe away the excess solution and leave behind a streak-free surface. They often start at the top and work their way down, wiping the edges of the window as they go.

They might also use a clean, lint-free towel (or black-and-white newspaper pages) to dry the windows. This helps the windows stay clean and free of smudges for longer, especially when it comes to outside windows that collect pollen, dander, and leaves. Letting the professionals take care of the cleaning duties means you won’t have to worry about your windows getting damaged in the process. They are insured and can handle anything that could happen during a window cleaning session, including broken panes or cracked frames.


Professional window cleaners bring a variety of tools to each job, including scrubbers and squeegees. They may also have a lint-free drying cloth for wiping windows dry after squeegeeing.

Most pros use a squeegee with a rubber blade on a T-bar handle and a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth removes soapy water residue from the glass for a streak-free finish.

Many pros wash and squeegee exterior windows in sections, using the top and bottom sides of the window. This method prevents drips from washing the sides of the windows.

If the windows are on a second story or higher, the window cleaners may enlist the help of a ladder to reach them. If they do, ask if the ladder is insured and how much this will add to the cost of the service. It’s important that a professional window cleaner is insured in case they get hurt on your property and need medical attention. If they are not insured, you could be held liable for the medical bills and lost wages.

Cleaning the Frames

Professionals also clean the window frames and sills, as well as any screens. This helps the windows look more appealing. In addition, it may reduce allergens that can affect the health of occupants.

Most homeowners simply spray their windows and then wipe them with a paper towel, but this is not enough to get the job done. The professionals will use specialized cleaning agents and tools to get the windows completely clean. The company will even visit the home before doing the work to see the ladder height and any other safety precautions needed for the job.

The experts know how to deal with stubborn stains on the windows, such as hard water spots and rust. They can also eliminate mold spores that appear as dark spots on the windows or sills. These can trigger allergies and other health problems in the occupants of the building. They also have equipment that allows them to reach high places without climbing a ladder.


Whether cleaning windows inside or out, it’s not a complete job unless you dry the glass. Professional cleaners have towels specifically for this purpose, and they use them diligently to ensure the window has a streak-free finish.

They may also wipe down frames to remove dust and dirt and ensure all the solution is removed from the glass before drying. They may even do a few more swipes with a lint-free cloth to ensure that the window looks crisp and clean.

Some pros use a mix of filtered or distilled water and a spoonful of dish soap to create a foaming action that helps the squeegee glide without leaving streaks. Others use a commercial product that is designed to eliminate streaks. They also use a squeegee blade that is cleaned often so it’s in perfect condition. If the blade isn’t in good shape, it will leave hard-to-remove marks on the window. They also keep several microfiber cloths and surgical towels on hand that don’t leave lint or streaks behind. Browse the next article.



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