SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld is a great theme park for animal lovers. The famous arena-style trained animal shows are great fun.

It is important to know that this park works tirelessly to rescue abandoned or injured marine animals. They also do research to help them understand the habits and habitats of the marine wildlife they care for. Read on to find out more.

Sea Lions Live

SeaWorld San Diego is known for its amazing animal shows, rides, and aquariums, but the park is also dedicated to helping wildlife. SeaWorld leads the way in rescue and conservation programs that ensure local and worldwide wildlife is protected and preserved.

Guests can learn about the marine animals that live at the park through educational DVDs, and the animal rescue team is always on-site to help save stranded marine mammals. These rescued marine animals are examined, nursed back to health, and then returned to their natural habitats.

The best time to visit SeaWorld San Diego is during off-peak seasons and weekends. This will allow you to experience the park with fewer crowds and more shows. Bringing in outside food and drinks is not permitted (except for water bottles), but there are several picnic areas across from the park entrance.

Orca Encounter

SeaWorld San Diego’s Orca Encounter takes the former Shamu show to a more educational level, which is important in light of new legislation that will ban the breeding of killer whales in captivity. This show focuses on natural killer whale behaviors and provides guests with information on the importance of conservation efforts.

A large infinity screen is used for both a backdrop and to illustrate important educational tidbits throughout the experience. For example, it is used to demonstrate how orcas communicate with each other, and it shows how orcas are able to breach, which they do frequently in the wild.

Despite the change in focus, this new killer whale show is still very entertaining to watch. The trainers work with the dolphins to highlight their athleticism and playfulness, which is always a thrill to see. This article is worth reading.

Dolphin Days

SeaWorld’s arena-style trained animal shows are guaranteed to amaze. Clyde and Seamore, the acrobatic comedy duo of playful sea lions, get a genuine kick out of entertaining—and occasionally splashing—the crowd. The show’s dancing dolphins perform Esther Williams-style synchronized swimming routines with huge grins.

For a more hands-on experience, the reservation-only Dolphin Encounter lets you stand poolside with a trainer and learn to communicate with bottlenose dolphins using hand signals; for an even bigger thrill, try the in-water Dolphin Interaction Program.

For non-animal attractions, ride San Diego’s tallest rollercoaster, Manta, or plunge 60 heart-stopping feet on Journey to Atlantis, the park’s flume water coaster. You can also see sea turtles swim peacefully in the coral reef-themed aquarium, or explore Otter Outlook, home to rescued sea otters.

California Tide Pool

Take a sand-and-surf-filled adventure that combines aquarium viewing, educational displays, and thrilling rides. Explore multiple aquariums and interactive exhibits, as well as exciting new rides and attractions like Shark Encounter.

This incredible natural phenomenon is revealed at low tide along La Jolla Shores. Look beneath rocky areas to discover sea anemones, hermit crabs, and even rare California abalone. Group activities are typically scheduled to guide you through this dynamic habitat, which requires immense survival skills to endure extreme fluctuations in the ocean’s current.

Learn about some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures, from a nine-foot-long Japanese spider crab to a solitary giant octopus, at this wondrous aquarium. Orca Underwater Viewing and Dolphin Days let you interact with these majestic animals. Music and pathway entertainment round out this unique experience that’s not to be missed.

Electric Eel

The park has added a new thrill ride this year called Electric Eel. This Premier Rides multi-launch coaster features a wicked upside-down twist and reaches speeds of up to 60 mph! The ride will be part of the Ocean Explorer realm that opens this summer.

California safety regulators say a rider on SeaWorld San Diego’s Electric Eel roller coaster sustained a leg injury during a recent ride. The ride was temporarily shut down after the incident on June 9 and is now under investigation by the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA.

The roller coaster is the tallest in the city and will ascend 150 feet as riders are boosted through looping twists and an inverted heartline roll. It is a great addition to the park but still think Manta is more fun. Browse the next article.


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